Author: Aaron Wiesinger

UPH EP 6: Show Notes

Thanks for listening to Episode 6!! This week was a little short for us, but of course we never fail to get our game on. Aaron and Dan are nuts for Hearthstone! Dan has um… interesting things to say about where he’s stationed at work too. All that and more are in this week’s episode, but keep on reading for links to the goodness we discussed.

UPH EP 5: Show Notes


Thanks for listening to Episode 5!! We have a jam-packed week of gaming glory!! We also get “real” with Aaron about his new job and his wintery exploration with Giants in Banner Saga. Dan goes computer-crazy and busts out a soldering iron and a pair of helping hands and builds himself a computer (I mean… buys parts and assembles one). Keep reading for more info. on this week’s show!