UPH EP 14: Show Notes


Thanks for listening to Episode 14!! In this episode guest host Tim Austin dives deep into a plethora of games while Dan continues to chip away at his star count in Super Mario 3D World… That and so much more in this week’s episode, so keep on reading for links to the goodness!

In UPH’s fourteenth episode our weekly games were:

Dan digs the daily quests in Hearthstone.

Meow! That darn cat! Super Mario 3D World!

The elegantly not Sonic the Hedgehog platforming of Rayman Legends.

Tim loves to play Pocket Monster X!

A ‘mutton bashing’ good time in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Everyone hates me in Skyrim…because I kill the chickens.

In news this week:

Go on a Hearthstone Adventure!

Last of Us Remastered will be released on the PS4.

Get ready to yoga someone in the face with a summer release for Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS.

Retro game of the week: Goldeneye (Nintendo 64)



Giveaway: The Walking Dead Season 01 and 400 Days

Question of the Week: Are you addicted to Steam sales?

Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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