UPH EP 15: Show Notes


Thanks for listening to Episode 15!! In this episode we welcome back guest-host Tim Austin AND Aaron is back! We’re all over the place with Nightmare difficulty and old games that nobody remembers. Not even us! That and so much more in this week’s episode, so keep on reading for links to the goodness!

In UPH’s fifteenth episode our weekly games were:

Dan digs the daily quests in Hearthstone.

Meow! That darn cat! Super Mario 3D World!

Will Dan beat Zelda?!

Tim loves CoD Ghosts so much he decides to give it another go.

The reason for getting a 3DS? Zelda: A Link Between Worlds of course! At least Tim thinks so.

Tim gets a BIT of puzzle gaming in in PuzzleBits.

Aaron’s had a bit of a slow week, but continues on in Reaper of Souls and AC4.

With a new PS4 and PS+ comes the game Resogun. Aaron gives it a shot!

In news this week:

Next-gen console wars are still raging, and so far PS4 is still coming out ahead of XBone.

For those of us keen to share our video games, the PS4 gets a much-needed update.

Nintendo shows off their business acumen and decides to pass on Skylanders rights.

Retro game of the week: Bruce Lee (The Video Game)



Giveaway: Lego Marvel

Question of the Week: Have you ever had to sleep at work?

Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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