UPH EP 17: Show Notes


Thanks for listening to Episode 17!! In this episode we start out with a bang with THE absolute finest in Star Wars quotables! We move on to our mix of gaming which includes a lotta retro and a lotta brand spankin’ new fanciness. That and so much more in this week’s episode, so keep on reading for links to the goodness!

In UPH’s seventeenth episode our weekly games were:

Aaron Rocks: Civilization V, Blade and Soul (KR), and Child of Light

Tim Gets his game on in: CoD Ghosts Expansion, Tomb Raider, and Ski Free

Dan stabs his analog sticks in: NES Remix 2, Wayward Souls, and Child of Light

In news this week:

In a change of pace (thankfully) Nintendo decides to host a Smash Bros. Tourney at this year’s E3.

Indie games are a big friggin’ deal in the world of Playstation.

Sledgehammer games teases a bit with a glance into their new Call of Duty game.

Retro game of the week: Tomy’s Fun to Drive


Youtube Gameplay

Giveaway: Don’t Starve!

Gaming Movie Reviewof the Week: Free to Play

Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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