UPH EP 22: Show Notes

Thanks for listening to Episode 22!! We have a nice long chat about one of our other favorite things… board/card/dice gaming! Aaron dances like a fool and Dan and Luigi learn the stink eye. That and much much more in this week’s episode, so keep on reading for links to the goodness!In UPH’s twenty second episode our weekly games were:

Aaron dabbles in: Pump It Up (Dance Game), Pokemon Y, Tiny Dice Dungeon

Dan explores: Mario Kart 8, Far Cry 3, Transistor

In news this week:

Valve’s Early Access program is uh… changing.

The PC gets honest to goodness drivers for the XBone controller.

XBone brings support for external storage, real names, and more in their recent update.

GoG (Good Old Games) busts out its own official (and unnecessary, but featured) front end.

Retro game of the week: Final Fantasy VII


Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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