UPH EP 23: Show Notes

Thanks for listening to Episode 23!! This episode is a little different… It’s E3 2014 week and we’re diving into some of that news. At least that which got us the most excited. Will Microsoft convince us it’s time to get an XBone? Will Sony maintain its current dominant spot? And will Nintendo actually convince Aaron to jump off the hater wagon? Keep on reading to find out and for the links to what we chat about! In news this week: E3 2014

Should you (or should I say we) get an XBone this year?

Sony seems to have quuuiiite a few things planned for this and next year.

Nintendo is listening to what the outside world wants! 🙂


Wrap up:

Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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