UPH EP 24: Show Notes

Thanks for listening to Episode 24!! With E3 behind us we get back into our regular gaming routine. News from the Martian front and sumo wrestlers keep us entertained this week! Keep on reading to find out and for the links to what we chat about!

In UPH’s twenty fourth episode our weekly games were:

Aaron dips his mind grapes into: Doom 3, Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Dan masters: Mario Kart 8, PushMo, Destiny

In news this week:

PewDiePie’s a millionaire.

Mario Kart 8 helped Wii U sales juuuuust a bit.

You’re gonna need adult diapers for Alien + Oculus Rift.

News flash: Don’t sit for hours and hours and hours without moving your body at all.

Sunset Overdrive pokes fun at Ubisoft’s female conundrum.

Retro game of the week: Quake


Thanks again for listening everyone! We’ve got a lot of ways to get involved and keep in touch with us!


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